Non Profit 501(c)3 Organization

Fun is the name of the game


RCPA Created 501 (c)(3) with Reid & Villegas Park Advisories * Issued hundreds of youth scholarships for youth sports, and arts (basketball, football, baseball, track, dance, cheer and many more activities * Holiday events, some cosponsored with city, such as Breakfast with Santa, Halloween, and Easter, 16th of September Celebration and local outings * Delivering donated toys to various Riverside neighborhoods for Christmas, including homeless shelters for mothers and their children * Providing Christmas trees for needy families * Field trips for teenagers from the community... Sandlot Baseball Camp for the Youth and Now we are providing an outdoor Roller Skating Rinks for 30 day venues along with so much more


Ballet Folklorico Dance Program and the Grupo Maya Folklorico is being established by Diana Ayala and Lorinda Maya with a combined history of over 17 years of experience with youth and dance groups. Folklorico is rich in tradition and varies from culture to culture but have a common theme of representing the heritage and traditions of the countries they originate from. From the Polynesian Islands to the pre-Hispanic era, Folklorico dance has been a way of passing on traditions and beliefs to younger generations on such topics as; nature, courage, love, death and personal pride. These especial interpretive dances vary from the un-uniformity free whirling expressions to uniform flawless consistency and result in both physical and artistic attitudes and skillful choreography and ballet. 

Sandlot Baseball Camps working with youth that are beginners at learning the basics of the American favorite pastime baseball. We stress the love of the game and concentrate on the fundamentals of the game; fielding, throwing, batting, base running and of course how to have fun. We incorporate the array of Former Major league baseball players that come out and along with our volunteer coaching staff show the youth how to play the game... The MLB Players speak with the youth on Life lessons derived from playing sports and the importance of education no matter what you decide to do in life.

Outdoor Roller Skating Rink with the help of collaborative partnerships throughout the Inland Empire, we create a venue in parks, setup for a 30 day period and offer a family fun activity, where both young and old can enjoy the novelty of roller skating on a prepared mobile roller rink equipped with lighting, roller skates, music and the joy of having others demonstrating both their new and old skating techniques... and Yes it is a blast from the past and October is national Roller Skating Month!!!